Energy Drainers

Energy Drainers

Energy Drainers

by Christina Rondeau

We all have things that drain our energy and can really make a difference in how we feel. I want you to test this out for a few minutes and walk around your space. This can be your home or your business. Get rid of any excess noise or distractions and quiet your mind for a moment. Walk around and pay attention to how you feel standing next to certain pieces of equipment, furniture, areas in the space. Make a mental note. There are many different things that can drain your energy so let’s change that now. We need to first know what it is that drains you.

Take a moment and go for that walk and see how things make you feel.

There are many ways to change the energy in the physical space. One way is Feng Shui, harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. Feng Shui uses many of attributes of what I am going to list below as other ways to create positive energy in your work space or home. Plenty of sites you can google for more information on Feng Shui.

Here is a list of ways you can change the energy to more positive.





Sound Makers


Living Things (plants) 

Objects from Nature

Aromatherapy (smells) 

Water Features 

Fire Features

Wind Dancers and Mobiles

Essential oils .. peppermint and orange oil – or find a blended oil, like Happy or Calming. 

I want you to change 2 things that made you feel weird or drained and add 2 things that can raise the vibration to change the energy in your space to flowing and positive.

For example: Add an aromatherapy diffuser with a peppermint oil. Move a microwave that makes you feel drained into another area and add a beautiful plant.

That’s it … if you can just change 2 things let’s see if it makes a difference. Write it down in your notebook, what you would change and where. As you work on you, you want a positive, energy flowing environment around you.

Assignment for Chapter 2 - Change 2 things that drain your energy and add 2 positive changes that increase energy and vibration in your space.

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