Affirmation Cards

Affirmation Cards

The Feel Good Affirmation Cards

by Christina Rondeau July 18, 2019

Be a Soul Fighter..

What does it mean to be a Soul Fighter? 

To overcome obstacles using your mind, body and soul. 



Feel down.. be a soul fighter, use your mind to find an outlet that makes you feel happy. Write, hike, draw, paint, sing, walk, talk, meditate, nap, watch a movie. Choose a positive outlet. 



Out of shape.. be a Soul Fighter and get yourself healthy, use your body and find an activity that you enjoy to help you reach your goals. 🥊


Feeling stuck... be a Soul Fighter and feed your soul with different spiritual or meditations and classes to give you clarity. 




Live life like a SOUL FIGHTER...

Enjoy your journey, live life with kindness, compassion and positivity!


Travel, create, aim high, Live Your Life!


We created the Soul Fighter Affirmation cards to make people smile and realize they are not alone and the Universe hears them. When we randomly hand these cards out I have someone tap them 3x's to clear the energy and then they pick the cared they feel comes to them. Every SINGLE time someone reads the message they have the "WOW! I needed to hear this today!" - It never fails, they smile, they look amazed and they continue on with their day with a smile and feeling pretty good. That is why we created these cards! 


Pick a card, read, re-read and use it for as long as you need to then pass it on.

The affirmation cards are not to be thrown away but to be used by yourself over and over or buy a bunch and pass them out. You will love the responses and how you now inspired someone else. Pay it forward, it feels good! 

Spread Positivity. Inspire others.










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